Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sometimes its Months

Before I come into my blog to update it, there's no excuse its just sheer unadulterated laziness.   Indeed my good friend Seaside girl left a comment in September which I completely missed, my apologies for not being more attentive go to her and anyone else who cares to read this somewhat irregular  mishmash of  stories, comments, rants and ravings by yours truly.   
To answer Seaside Girls comment, yes that would be fun  as long as you could put up with a warped sense of humour, and a fussy eater. xxx 
Well I was commenting on the lack of facilities and general run down state of the area I live in since I bought my property here.  True they have done wonders with the Park opposite my house and lots of activities go on there throughout the year, and lo and behold they have just opened a new Tesco Express at the Junction of two of the main streets here in Cadoxton. They have created an Express out of the old Royal  Hotel Public House which was a Hundred years old............However it had turned into an eyesore since falling empty some years back as can be seen here It is sad to see so many old buildings disappearing around this area, an area rich in History and once the most populated area of the town, Old Mill Farm which is two doors down from me can be seen on maps from the 17 Century.
BUT !  Times move on and sad thought it is to see History disappear, if this new Tesco breaths life back into the area then surely its all for the better.
The little 'ethnic minority' shops around here have had the monopoly in this area for far to long.  Yes I know Tesco is a  greedy  giant in the  retail food/goods industry, and no I don't really like to see them popping up everywhere, indeed it could be argued that it is due  to them and other large supermarket chains that areas like mine became run down in the first place.   So I am a bit conflicted on this, however, if this store can stimulate others to open businesses in the area, maybe it will have a new lease of life, and again become the vibrant shopping area it was in the past.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Is it 'Time to Move On' ?

I have now lived in this property for 41 years, its my Castle where I alone rule the roost :0)
Sadly over the years I have seen the neighbourhood decline, as I'm sure many others in Britain have seen their's also become an area which they had initially hoped to avoid by settling in what were 'nice areas'.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

They don't give a Fig !

Proof positive that MP's don't give a FIG about the ordinary working man/woman.

How can they justify that, indeed how can they justify the building of the Atrium at all....?
Cost 30 million for Bronze cladding for the place, why Bronze cladding ?
Supposed to last longer......Hmmmm
The way thing's are going, I wouldn't be surprised if we had another Guy Fawkes, type attempt in the future ;0) ..wonder how the Bronze cladding will hold up then :0)  ;0)